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Livelihood Project Manager

To work for
PUI | Première Urgence Internationale



Field of Work
Education/Training - Social Services - Humanitarian/Disasters

Job Type
Full time

Military service
Finished or Exempted (For male)

Minimum Education Level
Bachelor/ License Degree

The Livelihood Project Manager is responsible for the management and the proper implementation of the Livelihood projects in Syria including VT, PTKs and SSBG project(s) falling under his/her responsibility.

Tasks and responsibilities:
1- Ensure the implementation and the monitoring of the Livelihood project(s) falling under his/her responsibility:
- S/He implements, with strong involvement in designing, Livelihood activities - in close coordination with the Education & Livelihoods Coordinator and in collaboration with the Deputy Head of Mission for Programs (DHoM/P);
- S/He organizes, schedules and coordinates the Livelihood activities and the team’s work;
- S/He monitors closely the implementation of activities at field;
- S/He supervises the work schedule of the Livelihood Team and provides them with support and guidance when needed;
- S/He ensures the timely and quality implementation of the project(s);
- S/He monitors the results, achievements and indicators as per indicated in the logical framework and adapts project when required;
- S/He develops monitoring and evaluation tools – jointly with the Education & Livelihoods Coordinator – related with her/his project(s) and updates PUI project monitoring tools (PMT);
- S/He proposes adjustments of the strategy if needed;
- S/He ensures proper coordination and communication with the different stakeholders in collaboration with Education & Livelihoods Coordinator;
- S/He ensures that all project(s) documents are correctly filled and filed.

2- Contribute to the development of PUI activities in her/his sector of intervention:
- S/He strongly participates in the needs assessments/analysis to develop potential projects;
- S/He constantly analyses the identified needs of the target populations and adapts project design and implementation;
- S/He assists in building the capacity of staff to collect quality data to inform project design;
- S/He constantly develops projects based on monitoring and evaluation exercises to better meet the needs of target populations;
- S/He develops concept notes and proposals writing in collaboration with the Education & Livelihoods Coordinator and DHoM/P based on the needs identified;

3- Manage the operational team:
- S/He frequently conducts skills/capacity assessments of staff and proposes capacity building and skills development opportunities to Education & Livelihoods Coordinator, and DHOM/P;
- S/He ensures all staff under his/her management uphold the Humanitarian Principles and IHL
- S/He participates and can be designated to lead the recruitment of the operational team under her/his responsibility;
- S/He ensures the administrative HR management of his/her team (daily attendance, leaves management) in collaboration with the HR department;
- S/He ensures that her/his team complies with PUI internal rules (disciplinary management when needed);
- S/He ensures a regular appraisal process for her/his team and supports her/his team in building their capacities (update of job descriptions/ terms of reference, training, definition and follow up of clear objectives);
- S/He ensures a constant monitoring of her/his team (general and technical);
- S/He implements and follows up safety and security rules for her/his team and transmits all safety and security information to his/her supervisor (in collaboration/relay with the Field Ops Manager for the concerned governorates);
- S/He ensures a good communication, coordination and information level within the team through regular coordination meetings, formal reporting (or other if needed);
- S/He ensures synergies with other PUI programmes departments.

4- Manage the logistical and financial aspects of the project:
- In coordination with the Logistics Department, s/he prepares and follows up the procurement plan for her/his project(s);
- S/He issues and follows up procurements for the project needs in coordination with the Logistics Department and the Admin/Finance Department;
- S/He is the budget holder, of the direct program costs of the Livelihood projects including Vocational training and SSBG project(s) falling under his/her responsibility. S/he launches the process of expenditures and authorizes the payment of the invoices for these costs;
- S/He ensures that the operational follow up is up-to-date and crosschecks it with the budget follow up (committed expenses) on a monthly basis;
- S/He participates in the monthly Financial Follow Up meeting in order to analyze the budget follow up and propose solutions if needed in coordination with the Admin/Finance Department and the Education and Livelihoods Coordinator;
- S/He prepares the cash forecast on a monthly basis in coordination with the Admin/Finance Department.

5- Represent PUI for the project(s):
- S/He participates in coordination meetings related to her/his field of work;
- S/He ensures representation of PUI (with her/his team, at field level) among partners, donors and different authorities for the areas which s/he is responsible for;
- S/He prepares and organizes field visits with donors or local authorities when needed in coordination with the Education and Livelihoods Coordinator;

6- Ensure the internal and external reporting of the project:
- S/He participates to the internal reporting on activities according to PUI internal tools;
- S/He prepares external reporting according to the needs in coordination with the Education and Livelihoods Coordinator.

- Advanced level in English and Arabic (oral and written);
- Proficient user of MS office (including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint);
- Advanced Project Cycle management skills;
- Background in Livelihood projects is highly desirable;
- Excellent communication and reporting skills.

Specific Vacancy Requirements
- Autonomy;
- Ability to manage priorities;
- Ability to analyze and suggest improvement;
- Ability to work under pressure;
- Problem solving skills;
- Ability to facilitate/lead meetings/workshop;
- Deep understanding of Humanitarian Principles, IHL;
- Initiative, creativity and innovation.
- Priority for candidates applying during the first 10 days

Salary and Benefits
As per Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI)) Syria Mission Salary scale
Medical Insurance

About us
The current operational strategy for Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI) in Syria is to alleviate the human suffering of the Syrian people in Syria by delivering sound, needs-based humanitarian assistance, while promoting a life-sustaining response. PUI's positioning on, shelter, education, livelihoods, and WaSH sectors remain a priority.

Based on ten years of experience conducting humanitarian operations in Syria, supporting Iraqi refugees and lately Syrians affected by the crisis, PUI has played an important role in responding to the needs of the population within nine governorates (Aleppo, Damascus, Rural Damascus, Homs, Hama, Tartous, Lattakia & Dera’a ) and through the following interventions:
- Rehabilitation of collective and private shelters,
- Rehabilitation of infrastructure
- Emergency and Early Recovery WASH interventions
- Education support for conflict-affected populations (remedial classes, school rehabilitations, free exam preparations, summer class activities, community based initatives and psychosocial support),
- Enhancement of the Population of Syria self-reliance through livelihoods (vocational training course, provision of a professional tool kit ((PTK)),

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Mar 19, 2019

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Apr 18, 2019

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