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Job Title
Warehouse Keeper

To work for
Syriatel Mobile Telecom S.A.



Field of Work
Warehousing/Supply - Finances/Accountancy

Job Type
Full time

Military service
Not Specified

Minimum Education Level

1. Match new purchased materials received by warehouse staff with related Purchase Order, enter related data on Oracle Financial System, issue and sign ROM (Receipt of Material), and inform the concerned in the beneficiary department.
2. Coordinate with Tech Rep /or concerned Dept. for inspection if needed, send samples when required and ensure signing “Receipt of Material” form.
3. Inform the concerned purchasing Unit and concerned Departments about any deviation (non-conforming products), keep the deviated items under custody for farther action, and report results to Warehouse HOS.
4. Prepare “delivery discrepancy/deviation” report and submit it along with related “Receipt of Material” form to Inventory Control Section in order to be reviewed and submitted to Account Payable Section.
5. Direct warehouse staffs to arrange new purchased materials on shelves according to predefined criteria, and define the locations on Oracle Financial System when needed.
6. Ensure that existing materials barcode labels are tagged properly and have accurate information.
7. Receive the daily materials requests (MRs) sent by departments, and distribute them among Warehouse Staff.
8. Match “Move order” with physical withdrawn materials upon preparing the requested material by Warehouse Staff, and validate the issuance of materials on Oracle Financial System.
9. Ensure that all issued materials have been delivered to distribution team.
10. Receive returned items requests and distribute them among Warehouse Staff for farther action.
11. Check physically the returned items to the warehouse and match against “Receipts of Material” form issued by warehouse staff and against “returned items request”, inspect them for further action, and send the returned active ranges of SIMs to MIS Department for deactivation and confirmation.
12. Perform a daily stocktaking for items is subject to receiving or issuing transactions during the previous day) through matching the physical count performed by warehouse staff against Oracle balances and report results to Warehouse HOS.
13. Define items that need appraisal in the warehouse according to predefined criteria, prepare drafted List of Appraising Un-Usable Items, coordinate with concerned department for feedback, and submit the results to Warehouse HOS.
14. Prepare requisition for replenishing some inventory items according to pre-defined minimum levels of stock (re-order point) generated from Oracle, and submit to direct line of authority for approval.
15. Participate in the monthly and yearly Physical Inventory for other warehouses, and justify stocktaking discrepancies for warehouse under his responsibility and report all results to warehouse HOS.
16. Prepare and sign shipments courier companies’ monthly materials transportation report and check the related invoices and submit to direct line of authority for approval.
17. Calibrate the balances and scales on a regular basis to ensure accurate weighing, coordinate with concerned for any needed maintenance and maintain related records.
18. Coordinate with concerned Dept. to define sensitive materials list and update it upon any change.
19. Participate in cascading Section Objectives into individuals’ objectives and ensure proper alignment.
20. Prepare, measure and maintain accurate Individual KPIs on regular basis.
21. Coach and motivate team members to reach optimum performance and successfully contribute in achieving Corporate, Department, and Unit Objectives.
22. Contribute to the continuous improvement of Syriatel Quality Management System.

1. Education: Diploma
2. Experience: 1-2 Years Stores experience is a plus preferably in Telecom.
3. Professional Certification: N/A

Specific Vacancy Requirements
1. English Level:
1.1 Conversation: Fair
1.2 Writing: Fair
1.3 Comprehension: Fair
2. Microsoft Office:
2.1 Word: Fair
2.2 Excel: Fair
3. Others: N/A

Salary and Benefits

About us
Syriatel has been leading the Syrian mobile telecommunication market since 2000. The company has successfully established its reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

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Oct 24, 2018

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Nov 22, 2018


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