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Local Representation Officer (LRO)

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PUI | Première Urgence Internationale


Der Al Zour

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Full time

1- STRATEGIC AND PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT OF THE NAG (in collaboration with the Safety focal point and HoM)
a. Appraise the humanitarian needs:
- Follow and report about the humanitarian needs and/or gaps and ensure a fluent circulation of the information toward the HoM, and Programs Department (reports).
- Facilitate the technical assessments processes (authorizations).
- Feed the Program staff at coordination level with the required information to develop project proposals (reports)
b. Appraise the local donors (UN Agencies, etc.)
- Identify their priorities in terms of funding
- Advocate and do fundraising in coordination with Damascus office.
- Share the information with the coordination office (Minutes of meetings / bullet points).
c. Ensures that PUI interventions are in the frame of PUI Syria Strategy
- Prioritize activities and locations that are ensuring:
o The full implementation of the FOCOS strategy
o The continuity of PUI Staff

2- SAFETY & SECURITY OF PEOPLE AND ASSETS (in collaboration with the Safety focal point and HoM)
a. Procedures
- Establish and update the different security documents at NAG level
- Ensure that projects and methodologies do not endanger beneficiaries or PUI staff, and propose security rules improvement.
- Ensure that his/her team is familiar with the safety and security plan and follows safety rules.
b. Follow-up
- Approve/restrict the movements of PUI's staff depending on the security situation.
- Manage the proper follow-up (tracking / alerts).
- Monitor the evolution of the socio-political context and Gather /report information related to safety and security to the Safety Focal Point / HoM on a regular basis or upon request if required.

3- REPRESENTATION / NETWORKING / COMMUNICATION (in collaboration with the HoM and DHoMs)
- Attend and contribute to external coordination meetings and organize the two-way dissemination of information at field level.
- Formalize the proper reporting following external meetings (minutes of meetings)
- Establish positive communication with all the stakeholders in their respective governorates.
- Represent PUI in front of external Media if required (keeping HoM informed)
- Guarantee the image of PUI in his/her working area, and ensures that the PUI staff displays behavior consistent with the values upheld by the organization.

4- SUPPORT TO THE PROJECT’S IMPLEMENTATION (in collaboration with the Program Section):
- Liaise, on his/her geographical area, with the local stakeholders (authorities, the partners and donors' field representative) to obtain all the required approvals, facilitations, beneficiaries lists, etc.
- Follow up, upon the program section (DHOM, Coordinators, and PMs) request of the implementation of the PUI's projects (planning, progress and hurdles).
- Provide feedbacks to the program department(s) regarding the feasibility of the planned activities.

a. External
- Please refer to points 1 and 3
- Be able to visit PUI Office in Damascus on a regular basis.
- Share reports
- Ensure a fluid communication with all sections and HoM/DHoM. (Ad-hoc messages,).
c. Internal
- Provide the PUI's Coordination level with a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) report / (update of progress, donors comments…), from his/her point of view.
- Ensure the good collaboration between the field program staff and the field accountability staff (if any).

- At least 2 years of Experience in team/program management
- A university degree in a relevant field
- Advanced level in English appreciated but not compulsory and Arabic (oral and written)
- Proficient user of MS office (including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
- Advanced Project Cycle management skills

Specific Vacancy Requirements
- Independence and work initiation
- Team spirit
- The excellent communication
- Autonomy
- Ability to manage priorities
- Ability to analyze and suggest improvement
- Ability to write reports

Salary and Benefits
As per Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI)) Syria Mission Salary scale
Medical Insurance / Social Security

About us
The current operational strategy for Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI) in Syria is to alleviate the human suffering of the Syrian people in Syria by delivering sound, needs-based humanitarian assistance, while promoting a life-sustaining response. PUI's positioning on, shelter, education, livelihoods, and WaSH sectors remain a priority.

Based on ten years of experience conducting humanitarian operations in Syria, supporting Iraqi refugees and lately Syrians affected by the crisis, PUI has played an important role in responding to the needs of the population within nine governorates (Aleppo, Damascus, Rural Damascus, Homs, Hama, Tartous, Lattakia & Dera’a ) and through the following interventions:
- Rehabilitation of collective and private shelters,
- Rehabilitation of infrastructure
- Emergency and Early Recovery WASH interventions
- Education support for conflict-affected populations (remedial classes, school rehabilitations, free exam preparations, summer class activities, community based initiatives and psychosocial support),
- Enhancement of the Population of Syria self-reliance through livelihoods (vocational training course, provision of a professional tool kit ((PTK)),

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Nov 29, 2018

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Dec 29, 2018



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