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Job Title
Sous Chef - Male

To work for
Aura by Dina



Field of Work

Job Type
Full time

Military service
Finished or Exempted

Minimum Education Level
Intermediate Institute

1. Work closely with the chef to produce diversified menus accordance to Aura’s policy and vision
2. Preparation of hot meals and various food processing during the absence of the Chef
3. Produce high quality dishes that follow up the established Aura menu and level up to Aura standards, as well as to clients’ requirements.
4. Work in the kitchen so that everything works like a “well-oiled machinery” and maintain order and discipline in the kitchen during working hours and ensure that the restaurant operates on a good and profitable basis.
5. Under the chef supervision plan the food design in order to create a perfect match between the dish/beverage’s aspect and its taste as per Aura standards.
6. Responsible for making all necessary ingredients for the restaurant and check the missing items to prepare what is needed for food, meals, beverages be ordered ahead of time.
7. Responsible for all operations and follow up on maintenance and cleaning of machinery, tools, quality and service in order to achieve optimum performance and quality
8. Responsible for achieving the Aura’s specific objectives and plans (sales - costs - guest satisfaction - quality of products)
9. Complete all cooking works related to Aura full menu and plat du jour
10. Completing the checklist of bar items for the following shift
11. Has to perform ISO rules through Aura’s directions and supervision
12. Perform any other related duties as may be assigned.

• 2 years of experience as a Sous Chef
• Understanding of various cooking methods, ingredients, equipment and procedures
• Excellent record of kitchen management
• Accuracy and speed in handling emergency situations and providing solutions
• Familiar with industry’s best practices
• Teamwork oriented
• Maintains a good energy level
• Details oriented and organized
• Punctual and perform high level of professionalism

Specific Vacancy Requirements
• Staff ability to be mobile is an essential

Salary and Benefits
As per Aura salary scale

About us
Aura by Dina is delicious healthy food

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Jan 07, 2019

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Feb 06, 2019

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