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Generator Stations Operator {power plant} - Male - Male

To work for
EEL for Engineering Services



Field of Work
Operations - Engineering - Technicians

Job Type
Full time

Military service
Finished or Exempted

Minimum Education Level
Intermediate Institute

1. Control a variety of power-generation equipment and machinery during normal operation, scheduled maintenance and emergency repair procedures
2. Monitor meters, gauges and control boards to verify operational parameters, and make adjustments to distribution, generator output, voltage and electricity flow rates according to standard protocols and power grid requirements
3. Utilize a variety of analog and digital informational displays to understand operational performance variables, such as electricity flow and voltage, and record information accurately into manual logs and computer databases
4. Oversee machinery indicators to determine existence of malfunctions or suboptimal performance, and initiate appropriate repair request
5. Start and stop Engines and other power-generation equipment as necessary to maintain safe operation, allow for repair work and meet changing supply and demand variables
6. Follow all relevant safety protocols to ensure proper operation of equipment and minimize risk of damage to property and personnel
7. Participate in regular training to improve performance, acquire professional competency required by company regulations
8. Communicate clearly and effectively with other power plant personnel, including managers, engineers and maintenance team to encourage team work and coordinate tasks

9. Control and maintain auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, fans, compressors, condensers, feed water, boilers, filters, water treatment, fuel, lubricants, air, and auxiliary power.
10. Make adjustments or minor repairs, such as repair leaking, clean or replace engine filter and report any needs for major repairs.
11. Monitor and inspect power plant equipment and indicators to detect evidence of operating problems.
12. Open and close valves and switches in sequence upon signals from other workers, in order to start or shut down auxiliary units.
13. Place standby emergency electrical generators on line in emergencies and monitor the temperature, output, and lubrication of the system.
14. Regulate equipment operations and conditions such as water levels, based on data from recording and indicating instruments or from control computers
15. Reset tripped electric relays and breakers after ensuring health function.
16. Start or stop generators, auxiliary pumps, and other power plant equipment, and connect or disconnect equipment from circuits.
17. Take readings from trends, meters and gauges at established intervals, and take corrective steps as necessary.
18. Clean, lubricate, and maintain equipment such as generators, engines, pumps, and compressors in order to prevent equipment failure or deterioration.
19. Collect oil, water, and fuel samples for laboratory analysis.
20. Communicate with customer operators to regulate and coordinate transmission loads and frequencies, and line voltages.
21. Examine and test machinery and equipment, using testing devices.
22. Inspect records and log book entries, and communicate with other plant personnel, in order to assess equipment-operating status.
23. Receive outage calls and call in necessary personnel during power outages and emergencies.
24. Record and compile operational data, completing and maintaining forms, logs, and reports
25. Assist in start-up, shutdown and normal operations of the power plant systems.
26. Implement corrective action during system operational disturbance and/or bring such disturbances to the attention of the Shift supervisor.
27. Maintain the power plant & its surrounding area in a clean and safe condition at all times.
28. Execute emergency procedures in order to protect personnel and equipment in case of damage or failure of safety deficiencies.
29. Utilize all tools, equipment, and accessories in such a manner to maximize useful operating life.
30. Assist in the safe and efficient operation of the power plant by bringing violations of safety; plant standard operating procedures etc., to the attention of the Shift supervisor.
31. Provide the relieving shift operator with a complete hand over, bringing to his attention any operational disturbances, malfunctions or abnormalities.
32. Participate in planned and corrective maintenance as directed and as needed and to account for all parts and materials, supplies and fluids used in the performance of that work.
33. Reset alarmed equipment on plant panels; be able to identify the alarms that occurred in the electric panels and equipment protection and to correct all abnormalities that occur in this equipment.

 Knowledge of HFO / Diesel power plant operations and maintenance
 Organizational and planning skills
 Trouble Shooting / Problem solving skills
 General computer skills
 Languages: English
 Ability to carry out assigned tasks as directed
 Ability to maintain accurate records as directed
 Maintaining a broad understanding of plant systems with ability to quickly research and learn equipment specifics as necessary.
 Understanding and following detailed procedures when completing various tasks.
 Knowledge of engineering design principles and applicable design guides and standards related to assigned engineering discipline.
 Knowledge of heat recovery boiler, water treatment, fuel treatment.
 Technical hand skill.

Specific Vacancy Requirements
Minimum of 2 years related work experience.

Salary and Benefits
- Competitive Package
- Social Security Registration
- Internal and External Travel Allowance
- Medical Insurance
- Internal and External Training
- Career Development
- Annual Bonus
- Leave (As per labor law)
- Bereavement Leave
- Wedding Leave
- Paternity Leave
- Other Benefits

About us
Installation, maintenance and operation of power plants and provide all engineering services and industrial -related projects according to international standards

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Mar 05, 2019

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Apr 04, 2019


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