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Job Title
Supervision Technician - Male

To work for
Syriatel Mobile Telecom S.A.



Job Type
Full time

Military service
Finished or Exempted

Minimum Education Level
Intermediate Institute

1. Monitor radio, core and transport networks fault alarms, perform the first level of maintenance intervention, escalate not solved alarms to the concerned entities, and inform maintenance team form Technical Department and technical sites contractor about alarm status via SMS broadcast and phone call.
2. Inform the concerned entities form Syriatel with technical sites burglar alarms such as (door open and batteries not in place) immediately when detecting them.
3. Prepare quarterly and monthly statistical reports about network fault alarms based on data received from Technical Department units and technical sites contractor.
4. Perform hardware tests on core and radio modules that are required for solving fault alarms as requested by the concerned Technical Unit.
5. Participate in critical operations affecting the performance of live network by checking network elements’ alarms after the implementation of actions on network and report any detected fault alarms to the concerned Technical Unit.
6. Register received modification requests on relevant application.
7. Apply actions on radio and core networks that are required for maintenance activity as requested by technical sites contractor.
8. Execute requests received from the authorized people from Syriatel to check and modify subscriber profile on HLR.
9. Apply requests received from Syriatel management for tracking and blocking mobile handset on Syriatel network.
10. Apply requests received from the lawful authorities in Syria for modifications on subscriber profile and Syriatel network; tracking and blocking mobile handset on Syriatel network.

A) Education: Diploma in Telecom/Computer/IT/Electronic Engineering.
B) Experience: 1 Years Technical Experience Preferably in Telecom is a plus.
C) Professional Certification: N/A

Specific Vacancy Requirements
A) Computer/IT Skills:
I. Word: Fair
II. Excel: Fair
B) English Level:
I. Conversation: Fair
II. Writing: Fair
III. Comprehension: Good.

Salary and Benefits
Not Specified

About us
Syriatel has been leading the Syrian mobile telecommunication market since 2000. The company has successfully established its reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

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Aug 05, 2019

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Sep 04, 2019


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