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Company Secretarial - Female

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Full time

Minimum Education Level
Bachelor/ License Degree

Mission/ Core purpose of the job:

To maintain an adequate knowledge of the company's businesses and its operations as well as, to ensure that the procedure of the appointment of directors is properly carried out.

Key tasks:

Ensure that the procedure of the appointment of directors is properly carried out and assist in the proper induction of directors.
Provide comprehensive practical support and guidance to directors as well as facilitate the acquisition of information by all Board and committee members so that, they can maximise their ability to contribute to Board meetings, discussions etc…
Collect Board documents and filter them to ensure compliance with the required standards of good governance.
Ensure compliance with all relevant legal statutory and regulatory requirements (although the Company Secretary is not strictly required to provide legal advice, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of the laws which affect the areas of business).
Assist in the implementation of corporate strategies by ensuring that the Board decisions and instructions are properly communicated to concerned parties.
Act as a primary point of contact between the Board of Directors and shareholders, reporting in a timely and accurate manner on company procedures and developments, most specifically the matters of Corporate Governance.

Arrange Board meetings: Organise Board committees' meetings (i.e. audit, awards, nomination of the committees etc.): formulating meeting agendas with the chairman and/or the chief executive, and advising management on content and organisation of memoranda or presentations for the meetings; collecting, organising and distributing of all documents required for the meetings; ensuring that all meetings are minuted and that the minute books are maintained with certified copies of the minutes.

Manage General Assembly meetings: Ensuring that an annual general meeting is held in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Act and the companies’ Articles of Association; obtaining internal and external agreement to all documents to be circulated to shareholders; preparing and issuing notices of meetings, and distributing proxy forms; overseeing the preparations of security measures . As well as co-ordinating the administration and recording 1 of meetings.

Corporate Governance, continually review developments in corporate governance; facilitating the proper induction of directors into their roles; advising and assisting the directors with respect to their duties and responsibilities, in particular compliance with company law and, Stock Exchange requirements; counselling them when preparing presentations and memoranda.

Share registration and shareholder communications:
Maintain the Company shares register of shareholders, monitoring share movements on the register,Communicating with the shareholders; arranging payment of dividends and interests; dealing with inquiries and requests of shareholders and maintaining good general shareholder relations.

Statutory registers:
Maintaining the Board of directors register.
A permanent Minute Book of all signed Minutes.
Monitor and ensure compliance with Stock Exchange requirements, rules and regulations.
Ensure the safe place and proper use of any company seals.
Ensure decisions taken are communicated to all relevant company stakeholders.
Liaise with external regulators and advisers (e.g. lawyers, auditors, etc...)
Full abidance with the company’s instructions/rules/standards/measures related to Information Security.

Bachelor degree (preferably in business administration / major : management).
Minimum 4 years of relevant experience
Excellent command of English and MS Office package.

Specific Vacancy Requirements
Best practices of corporate governance.
Basics of trading securities.
Stock Exchange rules, regulations and requirements.
Reports writing.
Business Communication.

Adequate knowledge of the company’s business and applicable regulations.
Adequate knowledge of corporate governance's best practices.
Corporate FI Principle

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Upon Job Offer

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Nov 14, 2019

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Dec 14, 2019


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