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Telephony Systems Engineer

To work for
Syriatel Mobile Telecom S.A.



Job Type
Full time

Military service
Not Specified

Minimum Education Level
Bachelor/ License Degree

1. Conduct site survey to define the required preparations for telephony systems implementation in accordance with the requirements of beneficiary Department.
2. Prepare the design of telephony systems based on site survey results.
3. Define materials requirements for telephony systems based on approved design.
4. Implement the installation, commissioning, integration, configuration and modification of telephony Systems equipment and systems and follow up Facility management Unit /contractor intervention when needed.
5. Prepare and apply traffic test scenarios for new telephony system node.
6. Review acceptance test results for telephony systems new node commissioning, hardware expansion, new service activation and software upgrading and provide feedback to Telephony Systems Head of Section.
7. Apply the approved requests related to user's privileges and access permissions for telephony systems equipment and data.
8. Perform preventive and corrective maintenance activities for telephony systems nodes, servers, software and equipment.
9. Check, backup and restore data and configuration of telephony systems and review the actions applied by Telephony Systems Technician in this regard.
10. Plan and design the architecture of network (transmission/bandwidth) and storage capacities due to voice streaming and recordings as per systems requirements and follow up the implementation with Transport Operation Core Section.
11. Prepare telephony systems and related networks documents such as (configuration file, designs, etc…) and maintain them updated.
12. Research and suggest effective actions to enhance the services and performance of telephony systems.
13. Conduct training sessions for end users on operating the new telephony systems.
14. Perform the shutting down of telephony Systems services in case of network outage to prevent customers’ complaints based on Telephony Systems Head of Section request.
15. Handle emergency cases that cause outage of telephony systems.
16. Handle all requests related to Syriatel PSTN lines (subscription, cancelation, transfer and maintenance) based on telephony Systems requirements and update Syriatel PSTN lines database after any change.
17. Check abnormal bills related to Syriatel PSTN lines and provide feedback to Finance Department accordingly.
18. Handle internal customers’ complaints related to telephony systems.
19. Maintain records about the corrective and preventive actions applied to handle internal customers’ complaints.
20. Review the activities performed by Telephony Systems Technician to ensure their effectiveness.
21. Check Section & Individual objectives on regular basis and effectively participate in achieving them to ensure successful contribution to company's goals and corporate objectives.
22. Participate in conducting the OJT for new team members and promote a culture of knowledge transfer, cooperation and team work.
23. Contribute to the continuous improvement of Syriatel Quality Management System.

1. Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering/Computer Engineering /Information Technology Engineering /Electronic Engineering is required.
2. Experience: 1 year of telephony systems experience is a plus.
3. Professional Certification: N/A

Specific Vacancy Requirements
1. English Level:
1.1 Conversation: Fair
1.2 Writing: Good
1.3 Comprehension: Good
2. Microsoft Office:
2.1 Word: Good
2.2 Excel: Good
3. Others:
knowledge of CCNA/Linux/Unix/ MS-SQL/ Oracle / Web Service is a plus.

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About us
Syriatel has been leading the Syrian mobile telecommunication market since 2000. The company has successfully established its reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

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Nov 15, 2019

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Dec 15, 2019

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