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Job Title
Strategic Planning Specialist

To work for
Syriatel Mobile Telecom S.A.



Field of Work

Job Type
Full time

Military service
Not Specified

Minimum Education Level
Bachelor/ License Degree

1. Coordinate with MR-Research Section to prepare the needed questionnaire in order to conduct internal scanning surveys and customize them as per Unit / Department in order to identify the internal factors that affect Syriatel business.
2. Conduct external scanning by gathering data from annual reports and published materials for the selected companies.
3. Prepare industrial trend analysis report comparing several operators in terms of age, locations, partnerships, main strategies, etc…
4. Identify the external factors that may have influence on Syriatel based on market and overall environment.
5. Analyze the collected data and send the results to Strategic Planning Head of Section for review.
6. Gather the results of internal and external scanning and construct the SWOT Matrix.
7. Participate in the comparison of the internal strengths and weaknesses with the external opportunities and threats to give an additional insight into the condition and potential of the business.
8. Prepare the initial SWOT analysis report highlighting the dominating trends and send it to Strategic Planning Head of Section for review.
9. Participate in the discussion of SWOT analysis report with Syriatel Management to build up on strength, minimize or eliminate weaknesses, seize opportunities and counteract threats.
10. Highlight the major strategic issues to be addressed in strategic plan in order to improve company’s strategies and corporate objectives.
11. Register all resulted actions from SWOT analysis discussion within MOM and send it to all concerned parties.
12. Update the corporate sub-themes and corporate strategies and communicate them to Strategic Alignment Section.
13. Coordinate with all concerned Departments / Units in order to get the required information regarding the relevant part of Syriatel Strategic Direction Booklet.
14. Prepare the initial draft of Syriatel Strategic Direction Booklet and send it to Strategic Planning Head of Section for review.
15. Assist in road show meetings preparations.
16. Check Section & Individual objectives on regular basis and effectively participate in achieving them to ensure successful contribution to company's goals and corporate objectives.
17. Participate in conducting the OJT for new team members and promote a culture of knowledge transfer, cooperation and team work.
18. Contribute to the continuous improvement of Syriatel Quality Management System.

1. Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration is required.
2. Experience: 1-2 years of Relevant Experience is required, Preferably in Telecom.
3. Professional Certification: N/A

Specific Vacancy Requirements
1. English Level:
1.1 Conversation: Fair
1.2 Writing: Good
1.3 Comprehension: Good
2. Microsoft Office:
2.1 Word: Good
2.2 Excel: Good
2.3 PowerPoint: is a plus
3. Others: N/A

Salary and Benefits

About us
Syriatel has been leading the Syrian mobile telecommunication market since 2000. The company has successfully established its reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

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Nov 15, 2019

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Dec 15, 2019


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