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Purchasing and Logistic Responsible

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Full time

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Finished or Exempted (For male)

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Bachelor/ License Degree

Purchasing and Logistic is responsible for buying the goods and services for projects needs at the right price, time and quality according to the rules of UNDP Plan and coordinate all those activities necessary to achieve desired levels of delivered service and quality at lowest possible cost. 

III. Duties and responsibilities:
- Receive purchase requisition and inquires to suppliers about the materials
being requested;
- Review and identify requirements for goods, materials and services, establish order quantities
- Identify reliable suppliers and price negotiations
- Comparison of delivery terms.
- Evaluate quotations, tenders, or proposals for goods, services or works;
materials, etc… and prepare PO
- Buy products and services while strictly adhering to the procurement policy:
o At the right price
o From the right source
o At the right specification that meets users’ needs
o In the right quantity
o For delivery at the right time
o To the right customer
- Coordinate delivery of materials or services
- Manage budgets and payments.
- Identify new potential suppliers and develop relationships
- Provide logistical support for project activities, coordinate the receipt; including events such as workshops, meetings, etc.

- Strong leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills;
- Good at negotiating, networking and dealing with numbers;
- Good in planning and organizing – sets clear and achievable goals
- Demonstrated reporting skills
- Strong computer background in MS office

Specific Vacancy Requirements
- A Bachelors degree in economic or other related field with experience in
purchasing and logistic
- Strong knowledge of markets

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Consultancy Company

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Dec 05, 2019

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Jan 04, 2020


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