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Vocational Training and Continuous Education Officer

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Education/Training - Administrative - R&D | Projects

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Project Based

Military service
Finished or Exempted (For male)

Minimum Education Level
Bachelor/ License Degree

Job Purpose:

- To help disadvantaged youth deal with career related challenges and to facilitate their access to labor market and support their career path through providing them with career development support service covering a wide range of employable and marketable vocational and skills training.

- Improve youth chances, especially new graduates, to enter labor market.

Duties and responsibilities

1. Planning:

- Provide related input and support in the planning process led by the center coordinator for the vocational training and continuous education in particular and to the center’s plan in general.

2. Skills Needs Assessment:

- Participate in skills needs assessments conducted at local level.

- Identify the vocational and skills development training topics to be offered.

- Collaborate with the career guidance officer to better develop training that responds to the needs and requirements of both labor market and targeted youth potential career path.

3. Vocational and Skills Training:

- Manage the designing and delivering market-oriented training courses (supplied by outsourcing expert service providers), specifically targeting the most vulnerable youth and women groups with low level of education and limited access to skills development programs

- Manage the designing and delivering continuous education training-courses (supplied by outsourcing expert service providers), specifically targeting new graduates to enhance their job opportunities. Training courses include language, literacy and computer driving skills.

4. Approach Labor Market:

Collaborate with Career Guidance Officer to plan approaching labor market training including job search assistance, curriculum vitae writing, job interview technics and selfpromotion.

5. Employability Skills:

Collaborate with Career Guidance Officer to plan employability skills training including communication, teamwork, panning and organizing and self- management.

6. Database:

Provide continuous input to the center’s beneficiaries’ database managed by the Career Guidance Officer.

7. Monitoring and Evaluation

- Provide continuous regular qualitative and quantitative inputs regarding vocational and skills courses and continuous education programs

- Submit monthly progress reports to the center coordinator providing elaborated details about progress against the TVET plan and achievements against targets. As well it should highlight challenges and obstacles.


Bachelor s Degree in management, Administration, Business or related fields.


At least 3 years of professional experience in training programs planning and delivering.


- Proficiency in Arabic.

- Working knowledge of English is an asset Skills

- Strong communication skills

- Relevant computer skill

Salary and Benefits
Duration of Employment:

According to the duration of the project implementation (6 months).

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Sep 01, 2020

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Oct 01, 2020


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