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Entrepreneur Officer

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Administrative - R&D | Projects - Humanitarian/Disasters

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Project Based

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Finished or Exempted (For male)

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Bachelor/ License Degree


Unemployment especially among youth and women has always been a challenge for countries in the

region, including Syria.

The unstable macroeconomic situation in Syria, alongside the devastating impact fo the continuous crisis

in the country, as well as the loss of skilled labor, have resulted in serious imbalance in the labor market in Syria, resulting in high levels of poverty, limited access to job opportunities and limited access to marketable skills.

Investing in youth in Syria is essential for socio-economic recovery and building the country’s future.

Within this perspective, unemployment among youth is a critical issue to address.

While education and Technical Vocational and Educational Training (TVET) are directly related to labor market dynamics, mismatches between supply and demand and between skills and job requirements remain as serious challenges and providing the right skills sets and competencies meeting the labor market requirements is essential to boost employment and consequently economic growth and sustainable development. Given the huge human capital loss caused by the crisis and disruption of schooling and education, the urgency of youth specific employment intervention becomes crucial.

In response to the above, UNDP through its active labor market program intend to develop an active employment network targeting disadvantaged youth with a set of services that supports sustainable job creation by bridging supply and demand in the labor market. therefore, in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affaire and Labor (MoSAL), UNDP established a network of employment and youth empowerment centers to facilitate youth connection with different kind of employment support


Objectives of the Assignment

The purpose of the centers is to improve the youth ability to efficiently participate in the labor market in Syria.

The overall objective of these centers is to boost employability of youth and improve their access to job opportunities.

The specific objective of Entrepreneurship Support services is:

- To participate in opening career options for youth including self-employment as alternative to waged employment though series of awareness raising sessions and entrepreneurial skills training with linkage with the appropriate programs and relevant entities to start up their own businesses.

Target Groups:

- Vulnerable groups among youth and women; unemployed, with low level of education and limited access to skills development programs.

- Newly graduate “Youth in Transition” willing to improve their chances of entering labor market.

Job Role and Organizational Context:

Entrepreneurial Spirit Enhancement Officer manages the delivery of information and awareness campaigns, entrepreneurship training and advice services directly to the beneficiaries to enable successful launch of start-ups and small businesses. He/She coordinates with the other two officers in the center and reports to the Center’s Coordinator.

Scope of work (Indicate if this is Time-Based Contract or Output Based)

1. Planning:

- Provide related input and support in the planning process led by the center coordinator for the entrepreneurship support services in particular and to the center’s plan in general.

2. Skills Needs Assessment:

- Participate in skills needs assessments conducted at local level.

- Collaborate with the career guidance officer to better develop training that responds to the needs and requirements of both labor market and targeted youth potential career path.

3. Entrepreneurship Training:

- Manage the designing and delivering of entrepreneurship training.

- Provide advice services on skills required to successfully startup a small –scale business.

4. Employability Skills:

- Collaborate with Career Guidance Officer to plan employability skills training including communication, teamwork, planning and organizing and self-management.

5. Database:

- Provide continuous input to the center’s beneficiaries’ database managed by the Career Guidance Officer.

6. Networking:

- Develop an efficient networking and linkage with start-up support programs and potential funding sources to support small businesses and start-ups.

7. Monitoring and Evaluation:

- Follow up on the beneficiaries’ plans’ progress, and the support provided by start-up support programs and funding sources.

• Provide continuous regular qualitative and quantitative inputs regarding entrepreneurship support services.

• Submit monthly progress reports to the center coordinator providing elaborated details about progress against the entrepreneurship support plan and achievements against targets. As well it should highlight challenges and obstacles.

Final product/Deliverables (For Output Based Contracts, clearly indicate milestones and percentage of total lump

sum that will be paid for completion of each milestone)

Recruitment Qualifications


-Bachelor’s Degree in management, Administration, Business or related fields.


- At least 3 years of professional experience in small business and start-ups support programs in the areas of services

planning and delivering.

Language Requirements:

- Proficiency in Arabic.

- Working knowledge of English is an asset

Core Competencies:

- Innovation

- Project Management

- Team player

- Communication

- Time Management

Functional/Technical Competencies:

- Operational Efficiency

Specific Vacancy Requirements

Core Competencies

- Innovation

Ability to develop new and useful interventions

- Project Management

Ability to plan, organize, and control resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals

- Team player

Ability to work within the team and support other colleagues to achieve the overall project goals.

- Communication

Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform

- Time Management

Ability to get things done before the deadline while exercising good judgement

Functional Competencies

- Operational Efficiency

Ability to identify and execute opportunities to improve operational efficiency

Salary and Benefits
- This position is with ICI for the benefit of UNDP YEP Hama Center Project.

- Candidates with more than 3 months Third Party Personnel contract validity, will not be eligible to apply for this position

- Duration and Type of Assignment: 12 Months with possibility of extension

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