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Social Cohesion Technician Officer

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IC & I



Field of Work
Administrative - Social Services

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Full time

Military service
Finished or Exempted (For male)

Minimum Education Level
Bachelor/ License Degree

II. Context
More than ten years of crisis have had a devastating impact on Syria’s economy, infrastructure, services and social fabric. As a response to the emerging needs of the Syrian population, and in line with the overall framework of the Syria Humanitarian Response Plan, Strategic Framework for Syria and UNDP Country Programme Document, UNDP Syria is working on enabling Local economic recovery and livelihoods for vulnerable populations through inclusive private sector recovery and development, human capital development and pro-poor market interventions; enabling Local-level support for social protection/cohesion, gender equity and sustaining peace enabled; and developing Responsive, accountable and transparent local governance systems.

Proceeding from the importance of the arts in culture and heritage and their effective role in mitigating the effects of the economic, social and psychological situation on young people in particular, strengthening social cohesion and helping to build and promote peace. Tune for culture initiative seeks to involve young people in Dara in the organization and implementation of musical, social and cultural heritage events.
Youth from the local community in Daraa, themselves developed it after a survey in proportion to the need and the context there, they will work to implement it systematically, with the full support by the UNDP Syria.

III. Objectives of the Assignment

Functions / Key Results Expected
-Manage and coordinate project activities, from technical, substantive, administrative and financial points of view.
-Manage day-to-day project implementation and overall coordination of project outcomes.
-Ensure supervision of the Project personnel and ensure effective communication and coordination between the Project staff and the UNDP field office.
-Provide direction and leadership in advocating project objectives and in ensuring that all interested parties are well informed about the project activities and goals.
-Identify any support and advice required for the management, planning and control of the Project.
-Ensure timely preparation and compilation of the Project Work Plans and Progress/Final substantial and financial reports and its submission to UNDP Office as appropriate.
-Prepare reports for the UNDP field office on key project activities, issues and required action points.
-Ensure the quality of outputs and results.
-Guide and orient efforts and contributions of consultants, staff and government counterparts towards achievement of project objectives.
-Ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports.
-Ensure efficient HR management.
-Ensure proper professional relationships with relevant national and international partner agencies, relevant developing programmed/projects.
-Ensure proper professional relationships with community leaders, local NGOs and other Community Based Organizations (as Women associations, Youth associations, etc.).
-Establish and maintain relationships and act as the key focal point with UNDP field office to ensure that all programming, financial and administrative matters related to the Project are transparently, expediently and effectively managed, in line with established UNDP Rules and Regulations.
-Verify and channel all requests for Project, administrative, logistical and other support and report all incidents related to security and issues of general concern to UNDP field office.
-Manage the transfer of Project deliverables, documents, files, equipment and materials as per the standards UNDP procedures.
-Perform other duties that may be required by UNDP field office.
IV. Scope of work (Indicate if this is Time-Based Contract or Output Based)
V. Final product/Deliverables (For Output Based Contracts, clearly indicate milestones and percentage of total lump sum that will be paid for completion of each milestone)

VI: Competencies
Core competencies:
-Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
-Deep knowledge in community activities, especially those concerned with youth issues and related to social cohesion and peace building and their activities.
-Embraces extra responsibility.
-Demonstrating/safeguarding ethics and integrity.
-Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment.
-Self-development, initiative-taking.
-Demonstrate Analytical skills.
Functional Competencies:
-Knowledge Management and Learning
-Development and Operational Effectiveness
-Leadership and Self-Management
-Making Decisions and Solving Problems.
-Organizing, and Planning Events.
-Have an understanding of priorities and needs of the affected communities and population in Syria.
-Responds positively to feedback.
-Computer literacy is a prerequisite.
VII. Recruitment Qualifications
Education: University Degree specialized certification in political, economic or social / sociology sciences or business administration and public relations.
Experience: Two years of progressively responsible administrative or programmed experience is required at the national or international level, related experience in project coordination and working with institutions of the civil society and local public organizations, especially with UNDP is an asset.
Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.) and advance knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages, experience in handling of web-based management systems.
Language Requirements: Excellent command of Arabic and English
“This TPP should be fully dedicated for EU project”.

Salary and Benefits
-This position is with ICI for the benefit of UNDP Tune Initiative- Daraa
-Candidates with more than 3 months Third Party Personnel contract validity, will not be eligible to apply for this position

-Duration and Type of Assignment: 4 months

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Nov 22, 2021

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