Stars can guide your career…

Did you know your stars could just help you enhance your career prospects further? Not that anyone was undermining the essence of hardwork, efficiency and skills!

So with the competition in the job circuit rising by the day, we bring you some simple tips from the experts of vastu, numerology, tarot and astrology to help you grow bigger and better in your work area...

Sachendra Nath, Vastu Expert says : "One's work always counts above anything else where career is concerned. However, the power of vastu cannot be ignored as well. It has enormous energies to create the right and positive environment to bring positivity in one's life and help him grow in his career."

For that, Sachendra Nath gives us some tips:

- We first start from the table and chair that we sit on to for work, be it at home or in office. It's important that the height of the table we use for work is such that our navel coincides with the height of the table. This ensures production of good energy.

- The top most drawer in our table, which is on the right hand side, should ideally be kept with bare minimum stuff. And whatever is kept, should be ensured, is in perfect order. The drawers below the top one can be used to stuff things. This allows smooth working of mind and work.

- The table used for work should have straight erect legs. Designer tables with slanting or twisted legs should be avoided as they hamper concentration.

- The length and the width of the table should be in the ratio of 1:2. That is if the length is 3, the width should be 6. This is because if the table is too long, rahu hampers your work process and creates problems. If the ratio is as suggested, one's capacity to work increases.

- Also, what people today miss to take care of is the kind of chairs they sit on. According to vastu, it always helps to have a chair that has a high seat and long sturdy back rest that ends at shoulders of the one sitting on it. This ensures rise in career.

- Another important thing is that there should always be a wall behind you while you are sitting at work. This helps in boosting confidence.

- East facing work stations are best as the direction helps in getting respect at workplace.

- Meanwhile, there are also a few things which, if taken care of at home could help one in his career. Like if you have room on the left of the house entrance, which also has a window, which is called the Chandrama, it should be used as the bedroom or kids' studying room. While the room on the right of the house entrance with a window, which is called, is made the kid's room, there are chances of the kid turning out restless and impatient. This hampers a kids'studies and overall growth.

- It's advisable that while working we're facing towards the North or the East. It brings in positive energies and ensures easy work.

- It's also important that the North-East corner of our workplace, work table or even our house is never left dirty and cluttered or else career growth will be hindered.

To be continued....

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