Stars guide you- Part/2/

The following article might be funny, strange for some, not logical for others …But for many now it is considered an ancient knowledge that humans used to have thousands of years ago.. it is about the cosmic energy ..pure science..It is up to each of you to decide..


- It's advisable to keep a symbol of the lucky number one has, which could be one's birth number or any other that he thinks suits him. The number could be used as part of one's accessory like in a key chain, bracelet, pendant or even a tattoo.
- Likewise for colours. One's lucky colours could be used in the surroundings of the office or if one has his separate cabin. It's like one could have the furnishings, curtains, telephone, chair or any such thing in the colour that he knows is lucky for him. Wearing bracelets, bags, watches are a few other ways one can ensure the use of their lucky colour. However, colour yellow, is supposed to be naturally lucky for career for anyone in general.

- Gems play an important part in one's rise and fall too. So though most of the stones recommended to one are on the basis of their individual horoscope, the stone yellow sapphire can be worn by everyone for any kind of enhancement in career.

- Keeping a bamboo plant in the north or north-east direction from where you sit enhances positivity and prosperity.

- Keeping an amethyst stone around the workstation cuts the negative electro magnetic waves and thus helps in increasing positivity.

- Colours are suggested as per one's horoscope, but as per tarot and numerology – yellow, white, green and pink are the most recommended colours. Of these yellow is the most recommended.

- For someone in a senior position, who delegates work to juniors and is required to deal with too many people, keeping a rose quarts crystal in the room is very helpful. It helps him in making good relations with everyone.

- One's official papers should be kept in the south or south-east direction, wherever they are – on the table or inside the table.

- A tip that can be followed at home is keeping a metal or a live turtle in water. It helps one grow in career.

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