Want to know what is the best field of education for you? Follow the tips:

1 -Consider which courses you've done well in previously and decide which major they have prepared you for.

2- Investigate the quality of the professors and courses. Ask your academic adviser which departments are well-regarded in their fields. Get a list of these departments' courses to see if they interest you. Also ask students who are majoring in these subjects if they are satisfied with their respective programs and professors.

3 - Do internships to get a feel for the kinds of jobs you could get with different majors and to make sure of what you want to do in life

4-Consider the requirements for any potential majors. Find out whether they can be completed in four years or if they require graduate studies, and consider whether you would be willing to spend the necessary time and money.

5- Look at the different fields to which your major can be applied. Try to find a major that will offer flexibility when you are looking for a job

6- Think about whether you would be happier having a job you love with little pay or having a job you can tolerate with substantial pay. Choose a career course accordingly

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