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Infra & Habitat Field Assistant - Female

To work for
PUI | Première Urgence Internationale


Der Al Zour

Job Type
Full time

Minimum Education Level
Bachelor/ License Degree

• She visits the assigned work location in cooperation with the line supervisor; fills the assessment form, Bill of Quantities (B.o.Q) based on the minimum standards.
• She helps in preparing drawings and B.o.Q when needed (draft or shop drawings during construction, sketches and estimates for new proposals).
• She prepares and submits the assessment report attached with photos which should be taken properly for each category of works.
• She visits the assigned work location in coordination with the line supervisor and collects all the preliminary data related to I&H planned activities
• She assists in the supervising process of the execution works in the assigned work location in accordance with the B.O.Q, quotations, specification & drawings.
• She follows up and measures the executed quantities and informs the line Supervisor basically about any discrepancies between the signed quantities and executed one.
• She follows up the quality of the executed works and the equipment delivered to the project site, in this regards he should inform line Supervisor about any discrepancies between the quality of delivered items and the one agreed in the initial specification.
• She notifies officially the line supervisor about the variation occur in each location.
• She follows up the time schedule agreed with the contractor, the line supervisor and the project manager.
• She prepares and submits to the line supervisor the Daily/weekly/monthly Progress Reports attached with progress photos which should be taken properly for each category of works.
• She helps in receiving the works from the contractors and suppliers, signing the certificate of reception, calculating the quantity of delivered goods/equipment to the work locations.
• She helps in the handing over process of the site location to the related official entity representative (Municipality, governorate, ministry, SARC).

• Engineer (civil/architect)
• Fair in English.
• Previous experience with NGO, INGO or UN agencies is preferable.
• Minimum of 2 years of experience in rehabilitation projects.
• Good knowledge of AutoCAD, Photoshop and Office programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
• Able to prepare bill of quantities, tests the quality and measures quantities.

Specific Vacancy Requirements
• Proven ability to deal with multiple tasks in a courteous and service-oriented manner in a demanding working condition that often has short deadlines.
• Resident of Deir Ezzor governorate.
• Able to work in different areas of Deir Ezzor governorate.
• Managing priorities, critical time and deadlines.
• Strong personality.
• Hard worker
• Well organized.

Salary and Benefits
As per Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI)) Syria Mission Salary scale
Medical Insurance

About us
The current operational strategy for Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI) in Syria is to alleviate the human suffering of the Syrian people in Syria by delivering sound, needs-based humanitarian assistance, while promoting a life-sustaining response. PUI's positioning on, shelter, education, livelihoods, and WaSH sectors remain a priority.

Based on ten years of experience conducting humanitarian operations in Syria, supporting Iraqi refugees and lately Syrians affected by the crisis, PUI has played an important role in responding to the needs of the population within nine governorates (Aleppo, Damascus, Rural Damascus, Homs, Hama, Tartous, Lattakia & Deraa ) and through the following interventions:
- Rehabilitation of collective and private shelters,
- Rehabilitation of infrastructure
- Emergency and Early Recovery WASH interventions
- Education support for conflict-affected populations (remedial classes, school rehabilitation, free exam preparations, summer class activities, community based initiatives and psycho social support),
- Enhancement of the Population of Syria self-reliance through livelihoods (vocational training course, provision of a professional tool kit ((PTK)).

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Mar 06, 2019

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Apr 05, 2019

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