Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

VERSION No: 2.01/2007
Date:   10.06.2007
1. SERVICE PROVIDER: Syriajob Ltd. is a Syrian Company registered in Damascus under commercial register. (14647); provides to the internet users a web program that gives companies the opportunity to display and to promote their vacancies or companies; at the same time gives the individuals the possibility to list available vacancies, to apply accordingly and/or to promote their qualifications and experience in front companies, in addition to other services mentioned herein or on the website; the SERVICE PROVIDER called hereinafter (OWNER)
2. WEBSITE: The website address www.job.sy and all its contents included, called hereinafter (WEBSITE)
3. WEBSITE SERVICES: all services provided by the (OWNER) through the WEBSITE, called hereinafter (SERVICE)
4. SERVICE AGREEMENT: All texts included in this document and/or the related once and future modifications, derived from positive local or international laws, called hereinafter (AGREEMENT)
5. JOB-OWNER: any person representing a company or an establishment registers in the WEBSITE under (new company) targeting to benefit from WEBSITE and its SERVICE, called hereinafter (JOB-OWNER)
6. JOB SEEKER: Any person registers in WEBSITE under (new candidate) in order to benefit from the SERVICES and find a job or to promote for his qualifications and/or experience, called hereinafter (JOB SEEKER)
7. WEBSITE USER: any JOB-OWNER or JOB-SEEKER registered in the WEBSITE, called hereinafter (USER)
8. VISITOR: Any person, who browses the WEBSITE looking for information without being registered, called hereinafter (VISITOR).
9. REGISTRATION: registration at WEBSITE is available to people who want to use its SERVICE, registration info should be correct in order to be considered, in case OWNER notices incorrect registration info, he has the right to reject the registration and to forbid USER of using the SERVICE, having into consideration that JOB OWNER registration has to be done by JOB-OWNER himself or by a responsible empowered by him. Regarding JOBSEEKERS, registration must be made by JOB SEEKER himself or by an authorized person on his behalf.
10. REGISTRATION INFO: REGISTRATION at WEBSITE requires certain info to be inserted by USERS like their contact data etc., this info will be used by OWNER to communicate with JOBSEEKERS; while JOB OWNERS info will be used for commercial correspondence; we will do our best not to pass the registration data to any outsiders; these info called herein after REGISTRATION INFO
11. WEBSITE POLICY: www.job.sy website is an online job fair, specialized in promoting for job vacancies and companies; gives business owners & HR responsible the possibility to promote their vacancies and/or business worldwide targeting to attract experiences, moreover; WEBSITE gives JOBSEEKERS the possibility to promote their experience in front companies and/or to apply to available job vacancies according to their skills & specialization; therefore the WEBSITE POLICY is limited within the field of its specialization and does not allow WEBSITE to be used for other purposes; WEBSITE POLICY does not allow registration of JOB-OWNERS  done by any outsider and/or representative unless he has an official authorization given by JOB-OWNER. In addition, that WEBSITE POLICY has special rule in collaborating with recruiters, HR, training & consultancy establishments obliges these establishments to agree to the rule of using SERVICE in advance as per Art. /19/ of the AGREEMENT; moreover WEBSITE POLICY can refuse that the WEBSITE be linked with other websites without mentioning reasons.
12. FEES: USER registration is free of charge, but some other services are paid, therefore; USERS have the right to accept or decline using SERVICES.
Fees are as follows:
-          JOB-OWNERS fees:
·          First trial vacancy ad. is free of charge, it expires upon candidates first apply;
·          Vacancy ads. are paid, fees are according to quantities & publishing periods; JOB-OWNER has to agree in advance on terms of payment with OWNER according to JOB-OWNER needs.
·          Promoting SERVICES are paid.
·          Free of charge offers given by OWNER stated on WEBSITE or by written correspondence are not paid.
-          JOBSEEKERS fees:
·          REGISTRATION is for free
·          Building resumes is free of charge.
·          Applying to vacancies is free of charge.
·          Employing done through a direct contact of JOBSEEKER with JOB-OWNER using the WEBSITE SERVICE is free of charge.
·          In case Employing is done through middleman (recruiting, HR establishment or consultancy office) using SERVICE as per Art. /19/ of this AGREEMENT, then the agreement has to be done by middleman and JOBSEEKER; therefore, JOBSEEKER has the right not to apply to such vacancies.
·          Promoting JOBSEEKER resume, in case JOBSEEKER acceptance, is paid.
-    USER has no right to ask his payment back from OWNER in case USER decides to stop using SERVICE.
13. OWNER’S obligations: OWNER is obliged to:
·         To publish vacancies within 2 (two) working days from cashing date.
·         To watch over the WEBSITE & to promote it by the most effective ways.
·         To assist and advise JOB-OWNER to use the SERVICE.
·         To Check JOBSEEKER’S resumes.
·          To assist & advise JOBSEEKERS in using the SERVICE.
14. OWNER’S Rights:
-          To check USER’S REGISTRATION INFO by any legal way.
-          To ignore a USER with incorrect REGISTRATION INFO.
-          To check any inserted information by JOB-OWNER, and to accept, modify or to refuse its publishing without prior notice to JOB-OWNER.
-          To refuse publishing any vacancy or text message that enters into conflict with WEBSITE POLICY.
-          To end USER’S SERVICE in case OWNER discovers false information given by JOB-OWNER or in case he didn’t respect the AGREEMENT or the right of others through WEBSITE.
-          OWNER has the right to ask USERS to fill the missing REGISTRATION INFO or modify inserted info by USERS.
-          OWNER has the right to modify this AGREEMENT, the general look of WEBSITE, to add a new SERVICE or to end some existing SERVICES without prior notice to USERS
-          To contact USERS and to acknowledge them with new services.
15. JOB-OWNER obligations: JOB-OWNER is obliged:
-         To insert correct REGISTRATION INFO.
-         To mention his name as a company or sold trader within REGISTRATION INFO correctly.
-         To keep his WEBSITE account info confidentially.
-         To publish true info within his job vacancy ads. , in the same time JOB-OWNER is obliged not to try to publish illegal job vacancies.
-         Not to use the WEBSITE for any illegal, illicit, dishonest, unlawful, prohibited or banned messages. 
-         Not use WEBSITE for any political of religious issues.
-         To keep applicants info confidential and not to send their resumes to any third other parties.
-         To personally check the JOBSEEKERS information mentioned in their resumes during the personal interview.
-         To personally check JOBSEEKERS work permission given by the special authorities and the JOBSEEKER letters of experience. 
16. JOB-OWNER’S Rights: JOB-OWNER has the following rights:
-         To register in WEBSITE and to have a company account with a private password.
-         To login WEBSITE in case his registration was accepted by OWNER.
-         To benefit from WEBSITE SERVICES in case he desires and with an advanced agreement with OWNER on a specific SERVICE.
-         To end his registration at any time.
-         To change his REGISTRATION INFO in case an error occurred. 
-         JOB-OWNER has NO right to be registered with the name of an international, multinational company or trade mark unless he has an agency contract form that company or the company owner. JOB-OWNER has only the right to register his trade name and to mention nearby the name of the company he is representing and the area his contract agency is covering.  
-         JOB-OWNER has NO right to ask back any paid amount form the OWNER under any circumstance.
-         JOB-OWNER has NO right to post vacancies for children underage.
17. JOBSEEKER’S obligations: the JOBSEEKER has the following obligations:
-         To introduce his REGISTRATION INFO and resume correctly,
-         To respect WEBSITE POLICY and this AGREEMENT.
-         To apply only to the suitable job vacancies for his qualifications and experiences.
-         Not to use WEBSITE for any political of religious issues.
-         Not to use the WEBSITE for any illegal, illicit, dishonest, unlawful, prohibited or banned messages.
18. JOBSEEKER’S rights:
-         To register in WEBSITE.
-         To have a personal account in WEBSITE and to have his own password.
-         To change password.
-         Ask to delete his WEBSITE account.
-         JOBSEEKERS underage have NO right to register in WEBSITE.
19. Recruitment offices:
Certain recruiting, employment, HR or training offices and/or establishments, may post some job vacancies on behalf of other companies on WEBSITE and hide the name of beneficiaries they are working for, therefore; those offices are obliged:
-         To respect TERMS OF USE & PRIVACY POLICY including the WEBSITE POLICY.
-         They should clearly state their position in front of JOBSEEKERS as recruitment establishments.
-         They should clarify if JOBSEEKERS are charged of any commission in vacancy ad.
-         These establishments have NO right to register on behalf of other companies (JOB-OWNER) unless they provide OWNER with an official authorization from JOB-OWNER.
Having in consideration that applying to such job vacancies shall definitely pass through those recruitment establishments, therefore; OWNER is not responsible towards any party, including the commission or taxes required by the recruiting establishment, where this issue is left to be agreed on between the recruiting establishment and the JOBSEEKER, consequently; the agreement between these parties is only their responsibility.
20. Ownership: WEBSITE form, colors, classifications and sections along with all information and statements, and designs are the OWNER’S full estate, so neither USERS nor VISITORS have the right of producing similar pages, distributing or revising them. Also the name, trademark, symbols and texts mentioned in the WEBSITE are the OWNER’S full estate. Some of the symbols are others full estate.   
If this WEBSITE was purchased by other party, the other party will be able to use the data the same manner as OWNER can according to TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY POLICY, also all owner obligations and rights are transferred to the new owner.
While these TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY POLICY state our standards in working and dealing with USERS and/or VISITORS, the OWNER tries to introduce USERS to each other through WEBSITE, without handling any responsibilities of the authenticity of JOBSEEKERS information mentioned to JOB-OWNER or vice versa, OWNER is not responsible if the JOBSEEKER impersonated a fake personality or presented incorrect statements and information, considering that all mentioned statements are correct on USER’S responsibility. WEBSITE contains vacancies presented by the JOB-OWNERS that the OWNER has no authority on its contents, therefore, any contract or business agreement that USER makes by the SERVICE or using it, will be on his responsibility; also the owner is not responsible for SERVICE conk caused by major force which is considered to be beyond his control.
22. Accepting TERMS OF USE & PRIVACY POLICY and their amendments:
Each time you access or use this WEBSITE or any subsidiary page of it, you agree its TERMS OF USE & PRIVACY POLICY which can be updated from time to time with or without prior notification; in addition, if you are using some SERVICES through WEBSITE you will be subject to any rules or guidelines applicable to those SERVICES and they shall be incorporated by reference into these TERMS OF USE & PRIVACY POLICY.
23. THIRD PARTY SERVICES: we can link some other websites to WEBSITE, these other websites have different terms of use and privacy policy, your visit or use of their services are different and have to be agreed with their owner. OWNER is not responsible for your use of other websites.
24. LAW IN FORCE: This AGREEMENT was drawn in accordance with Syrian regulations & rules; if OWNER didn’t execute some articles of this AGREEMENT this doesn’t mean that OWNER resigns his rights.
In case of any dispute between OWNER and USER, the Syrian arbitration courts are in charge of resolving it according to Syrian laws in force
25. Children: children under the age of /16/ sixteen years old are not allowed to register in WEBSITE.

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