Knowing your strengths and weaknesses..

All the successful people have had a good sense of both what they do well and what they don’t well. When FORTUNE magazine examined why CEOs fail, it identified such factors as performance credibility, focus on basic execution, sending too much bad news, board issues and team discontentment but at core of many of these issues is an inability for many hard-charging  people to see that no one does everything well just as a tiring baseball pitcher often refuses to recognize when it’s time to hand the ball over to relief pitcher, any truly competitive individual has a tendency to think he or she can accomplish something by dint of pure intelligence , guts and effort. Not so with Steve Declarson, who has successfully grown several companies not merely by his keen insights and entrepreneurial bent but by organizing his strengths. His current company provides computer training tailored to specific organizational needs. I am better at building than maintaining “Declarson says. I like the unknown a business managing chaos that I can turn from 15 to 50 percent growth

Every significant organizational project or change process undergoes five stages, enabling, launching , catalyzing and maintaining .Declarson likes the planning and enabling aspects of a new venture. He readily admits that maintaining a company isn’t his strong suit . it is your powerful advantages to assess where you fit best in any such project or process . if you are a commanding type for example who always winds up taking on jobs that require a great deal of planning and /or enabling , you’re certainly not going to be fully utilizing your strengths. Commanding types without a strong supportive backup are impatient with people who don’t catch on quickly. They aren’t best suited to planning or enabling. All of us have such style – based areas of strength and weaknesses.

If you have taking on roles that don’t suit your style, you’re limiting your chances of achieving the secret handshake, people who don’t know where their greatest strengths lie

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