Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction

What is the emotional intelligence?

Is the capacity, and a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups

The one who has emotional intelligence is able to understand his surrounding, transmit positive feelings and affect others for his good intentions

Research found that employees with high levels of emotional intelligence are more dedicated and satisfied at work. Influence of emotional intelligence was so clear on factors such as organizational politics, work attitudes, formal and informal behavior, feelings of justice, and burnout.

The study found that employees with high levels of emotional intelligence tended to rate the level of justice within their organizations as higher than their peers. They tended to be more satisfied with their jobs and more committed to their organizations. Factors such as burnout, intention to leave or negligent behavior were less prevalent. Employees with higher levels of emotional intelligence also perceived the impact of organizational policies as less severe, and demonstrated better coping skills, using less aggressive forms of persuasion to influence supervisors.

The Researcher Dr. Galit Meisler concluded:

"This study has shown that employees with a higher level of emotional intelligence are assets to their organization. I believe it will not be long before emotional intelligence is incorporated in employee screening and training processes and in employee assessment and promotion decisions."

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