10 Tips on Hiring for Creativity- part 2

6. Look for a good character mix. "The best creative people need to know a lot about a little and a little about a lot. They naturally live on the edge but know how to exist in the middle. So look for people who’ve lived lots regardless of their age. People who’ve moved around plenty but were passionate about every place they’ve been. Ultimately, you’re looking for a dynamic mix of educated, eclectic and energetic."

7. Ask what they're reading. "Creativity is really taking two unrelated things and making something new. You see it a lot in science, you see it in art. They seem totally unrelated and somehow somebody stuck them together and made something new. Look for people who are incredibly inquisitive and curious about everything, read disparate things, if they're a person who collects the points of interest, things out in the world, and those things eventually get put together in an interesting way. What are they reading? What else did they read? You can kind of get an idea sometimes from people if they're very single minded or if they're eclectic."

8. Meet in person. "The most important thing is a curiosity and a willingness and desire to learn. Most of the independents we bring on to the team all share that passion. It's really important to understand from different perspectives what can drive that idea from inception to completion. I don't think you can really screen when you're just looking at resumes. We usually start the process with an introduction call before bringing people in. How many questions does the individual ask? You might pose challenges to them to get an understanding of how they'll work through a particular problem. How curious are they about new and emerging tech? Are they in the know? Can they create and push the envelope?"

9. Throw in a wildcard. "In the interview process throw out random ideas and see how they respond, such as: if you had a blank canvas and a giant paintbrush that was triggered off your thoughts what would the painting be? Or what color outfit and what accessory would a sea horse pick if he was hitting the beach in Hawaii? Random stuff that gets them thinking and see if the creative side of the mind can create at top notch."

10. Watch out for egos. "A good creative hire is someone that is: flexible (ready to bend his mind to look at challenges with multiple point of views); curious (always looking for good ideas to explore and recombine); humble (a good idea can trigger an even better idea from someone else and a good creative should be able to recognize this and farm it); bold (don’t just go for what is expected, go further); strategic (not only should a good creative work closely to strategic insights, they also need to understand the impact any decision will have on the project, the team or the execution of the idea). A great creative is someone that can explain a complex idea of system of ideas in simple terms using the most appropriate tools. Ego is not welcome.


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