4 jobs for your personality type

There will always be people -- like your parents -- who will want to weigh in on your career choices. When they say, "You should do this ...," "You're so suited for ..." or "Why don't you do something with ...," what they are really saying is that your personality may be better suited for one career path over another.

Sociologists developed a system of six unique personality types that helps individuals assess themselves and find jobs that match their personality


Here are the personality types highlighted and the top four suggested jobs in each category:

Realistic: usually involves work that is more practical, with hands-on problems and solutions. Typically, these jobs are less paperwork-heavy and more independent, and many require working outdoors.
1. Electronics engineers
2. Surgical technologists
3. Security guards
4. Motorboat mechanics and service technicians

Investigative: jobs that are more idea- and abstract-thinking based. Usually they are more research-focused and require mental aptitude at problem solving. 
1. Biological scientists
2. Industrial engineering technicians
3. Medical scientists, except epidemiologists
4. Physicists

Artistic: occupations that work more with forms, designs and patterns, typically requiring more self-expression and not a lot of rules. Instinct is crucial.
1. Graphic designers
2. Technical writers
3. Interpreters and translators
4. Writers and authors

Social: positions that require greater interaction with people, often in roles where teaching or training is involved.
1. Compliance officers
2. Training and development specialists
3. Computer systems analysts
4. Teachers (postsecondary)

Enterprising: occupations filled by those with strong leadership skills and by risk-takers who can start up and carry out a plan; can be more  business-based.
1. Customer service representatives
2. Human resources manager
3. First-line supervisors of office and administrative support workers
4. Detectives and criminal investigators

Conventional: positions that frequently involve following set procedures and routines and working with data and details more than with ideas. There's typically a clear line of authority to follow.
1. Budget analysts
2. Secretaries and administrative assistants (except legal, medical and executive)
3. Logisticians
4. Computer occupations, all other

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